Gift Cards

September 7, 2018 0 By admin

Stuck reaching your minimum credit card spend required for those juicy sign-up bonus? Gift cards are the answer!

Purchasing gift cards is an easy way to bring forward future expenditure to reap those rewards sooner.

Not only are you avoiding the temptation to make unnecessary purchases to reach your target, but you could potentially be saving money at the same time.

Gift cards can often be purchased at a 5% discount on the denomination value. While this may not seem like much initially, take a moment to consider how much you spend at retail stores and petrol stations. All of this spending can add up to a fair amount over a year.


Cashrewards is a website where you can purchase discounted e-gift cards online. Purchasing a $500 Woolworth’s voucher will not only save you $25 upfront, but also bring forward a $475 credit card spend immediately.

Some of the other benefits of using credit cards to purchase gift cards are;

  • Transferable: If the idea of having several weeks’ worth of shopping pre-paid is daunting or cash flow is a problem, you could theoretically purchase gift cards for family or friends and charge them the discounted price you have already paid. Family and friends are purchasing gift cards from you for 5% off, and you are meeting your minimum spend and aiming for the points.
  • Higher Points: Some credit cards offer more points for purchases at shopping outlets than they do other stores, you could theoretically walk into Woolworths and purchase giftcards for another store where the amount of points you would have received would have been less.
  • Avoiding Amex exclusions: Due to Amex charging higher merchant fees than VISA or MASTERCARD, some stores are unwilling to accommodate for Amex (or if they do, charge the consumer a surcharge). JB HIFI is just one of those outlets and there are many other department stores that are similar, however you could theoretically go to Woolworths and purchase a gift card to JB HIFI and use the Amex card to pay for it and receive the points.

One last point to note, that from time to time cashrewards run specials where the discount is increased from 5% to a higher value increasing the amount saved.