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September 7, 2018 0 By admin

For years we were paying  $30 per month to be connected to the world, combined that was $780 a year. For those that just did the math in their head and thought I was wrong, hear me out. Most telcos charge a month as a 28 day cycle, which rounds up to 13 cycles a year. Admittedly it took a while to realise we had become complacent, and we didn’t need 15GB of monthly data. This was the turning point!

Pre-Paid Churning

For a year I was churning through pre-paid providers, buying new starter pack (often for $5) and using them for a month before jumping ship. Honestly this was a lot of effort, but I figured if I did it for a year I would be $325 better off.

I thought I was pretty savvy in churning plans, until I forgot to churn to another provider before the weekend. What happened then was I was then stuck with no credit and unable to do anything until Monday. At this moment I decided enough was enough, and that I would need to sacrifice some of my tight ass ways for convenience. This is when I discovered Belong mobile.

What appealed to me about Belong mobile was the following;

  • Coverage – uses Telstra’s network (I had been burnt previously using the Vodafone network via Kogan)
  • Price – plans from as little as $10 a month with unlimited calls and messages
  • Data Banking – continually roll over any unused data indefinitely
  • Data Sharing – ability to send/receive data with anyone that has a Belong mobile (excellent for families)

Belong Mobile Hack

While researching Belong mobile, I stumbled upon a hack that people were using to get the most out of the plan. The steps in doing so are listed below;

  1. Purchase two $40 Belong pre-paid plans when they are 50% off (50% off sales happen frequently),
  2. Port your existing number to Belong and select the $10 a month plan. This plan will give you unlimited calls and text and 1GB of data a month. Purchasing a $40 sim and only selected a $10 a month plan, you have just paid for 4 months of your plan upfront before being charged again.
  3. Download the Belong app on your mobile phone. Use the ‘Refer a friend’ code and email it to another email address.
  4. Use the referral code generated in Step 3, register the 2nd sim that you purchased in Step 1 on the $40 a month plan. Hint: If you register this sim on any day other than the 4th, 12th, 20th, or 28th of the month you will receive double data for the first month. This plan will give you 30GB of data (if registering on the days mentioned in Step 3).
  5. After successfully referring another account to Belong, your mobile account you registered in Step 2 will also be credited another $20. This will mean you don’t have to worry about recharging for 6 months.
  6. Transfer the 30GB of data you have got from Step 4 to your plan in Step 2.
  7. Cancel the plan from Step 4.

Following the above steps will mean that for a mere $40, you have just sorted out 6 months of a phone plan. You will have received 32GB of data upfront. and will receive another 1GB every month. Over a period of 6 months this breaks down to roughly $6.65 per month.

As you can refer up to 10 friends, you could theoretically repeat the exercise multiple times up front or after a period of 6 months when you are due to recharge you could just repeat the steps of referring a ‘friend’ again (this will also yield you another 30GB of data as a top up).

Admittedly this is a bit of effort upfront (much less than churning phone providers every month), but you are covered for 6 months. After 6 months you can have your credit card automatically debited (so it is really a set and forget plan), or you could just refer a ‘friend’ again with another discounted sim and top up 30GB of data (knowing that doing it this way would cost me $20 and still give me 2 months of credit so it’s a break even exercise).

What plans are everyone else using? I know there are some other good alternatives from Catch as well as Kogan.

Belong Mobile