About Us

Welcome to our blog about our journey towards Financial Independence (FI). We know this wont happen overnight, and we are giving ourselves 10 years for fulfillment.

Before we get too far into this blog, its worth noting we are not financial advisers! Anything contained within this blog is not to be taken as financial advice! Any content contained within is just our opinions.

The motivator behind this blog is to network with like minded people and explore new concepts. We are not reliant on this blog to generate any source of income, and as such don’t want to treat it like a job, so at times you may notice our grammar may be all over the place and articles may contain spelling errors…we do hope this isn’t too much of an incovenience 🙂

Without further ado, here is everything you need to know about who we are and our motivation.


Mr (early 30’s) is a self-confessed tight arse, always on the lookout for ways to decrease spending habits. Currently employed full-time in the Australian Public Service.

Mrs (early 30’s) is more known for her unnecessary spending habits more so then frugality. Currently employed part-time in the Australian Public Service.

Jr (baby) is the reason for the shift towards FI, time is a luxury we can’t get back. In the event that any income is generated from this blog, all funds will be set aside for Jr.

Prior to Jr arriving both of us were content with eating out twice a day. Purchasing ad-hoc luxuries at whims notice. Regular getaway trips to the snow or the coast. Jr has been the wake-up call we required to start the steps necessary to get out of the 9-5 grind that is called work.


What we are trying to achieve is FI by the end of 2029. To us this means the freedom to do what we want day in day out. This doesn’t necessarily mean we will choose to Retire Early, it just means we can do what we want. Perhaps choose another career path, pursue a hobby that provides a much smaller income, or perhaps just reduce working hours.

Realistically by the year 2029 we will both be in our early 40’s, and Jr will be in primary school. As Jr will be at school all day, I envisage we will take up some form of job just to have some social interaction, this is so far in the future it is not something we have considered too much yet but the thought of achieving FI is what grants us this privilege.


We are currently living just outside Canberra, we have been here for just over a decade after moving to the region to pursue further study and employment.

We may not necessarily stay in the region once we reach FI, but in the interim we will remain in the region due to career prospects, proximity to leisurely activities (beach and snow), as well as the close friendships.


The goal is to reach FI before 2030.


Spend more time with family and friends, as opposed to clients and stakeholders. Time is a finite luxury that I don’t want to waste anymore than necessary.

Ideally we would like to be FI now (as would everyone I suppose) so that we can spend all the time in the world with Jr. Unfortunately due to previous spending habits that is not the case, instead of dwelling on the past mistakes all we can do is look towards the future and how we can alter our existing patterns to make more time available for the future.

Mrs has already altered working patterns to be home more with Jr by taking close to a year off work to be there for the important milestones. Mrs will return to work on a part-time arrangement to continue to be there for Jr as much as possible.


We will look at achieving FI via investigating and scrutinising our spending habits, while at the same time look at how we can further save and invest the income we currently earn to generate passive income for the future. Currently we have a small portfolio of Real Estate, but will be looking at diversifying into shares over the next few years to create the steady income required.